Call for papers: Conceição / Conception (Singularities and Collectives)



  • The Conceição/Conception journal invites paper submissions for its next issue, proposing a spherical discussion on the topic of SINGULARITIES AND COLLECTIVES.
  • This theme covers the tensions between Singularities and Collectives within areas of research and creation in the performing arts and their transpositions, when the singular extends to a collective and when the start point of a collective develops into the singular.
  • The affirmation of the collective dimension of artistic action has become an important keynote in projects and discussions that emphasize above all the relationship between art and the public sphere and want to break away from the image of the artist narcissistically involved with their own subjectivity. At the same time, it is crucial to reconsider the forms of collective articulation and the risks of homogenization and standardization of behaviors and attitudes.
  • By thinking about the relationship of the performing arts alongside traditional cultures - created from a community - whether within an actor's work, the performer or dancer or as a mobilizer of material for artistic creation, raise questions of how the processes of singularization occurs in the artist's body of something that is collective in its constitution? The theme also refers to the artist on specific turfs of field research and the intersections between the singular and the collective resulting therefrom. It is related to the experience of otherness, of existence in its uniqueness  when placed in community. The collective as contrasting material, which allows you to see more. The collective that validates individual experiences outside the norm. Also the community as a possibility of potentiation of singularities in joint action, in the plurality of voices that are joined to a common end, the community with a political sense. Moreover,  one may look at the collective mass as that which is deprived of its singularities, considering the collective as common sense. Art acts as a jolt to collective normality. As such, the actor's work warrants this possibility of going beyond the auto centricity of his daily life experience by opening himself up to a state of collectivity: Personal memories, collective memories and those invented.
  • The articles that will be accepted preferably propose an effective pondering of these issues, both through theoretical questions in addition to the analysis of practical experiences.
  • We invite artists, researchers and professors from the Performing Arts community or related areas to send their reflections in article format, reviews or artistic documents (photos, videos and accounts of artistic processes) to be part of the next issue of the magazine, contributing to the current debate in the area. For this call the submission period is from June 10 to September 10, 2016.
  • The journal also accepts articles and reviews outside of the existing theme presented here.